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What is Freeletics?

Freeletics is a balanced combination of endurance training and training with your own body weight. The goal is to train your speed, agility and endurance. The best: You really just need your own body weight.

Building up muscles

You want to build muscles or train your strength and stamina? You decide! There are different workouts to choose from to get the best results.

Lose weight

The training stimulates your anaerobic metabolism through high intensity workouts and boosts your speed and strength. This way, the workouts increase your need of calories and effectively start to burn your fat.


Freeletics App

The Freeletics App supports your daily training, to keep track of your improved performance and to keep in touch with other “free athletes”. That way you are always up to date and you can improve continuously


The Freeletics Nutrition Guide offers a lot of tips for a balanced and healthy nutrition with all the nutritions you need for an effective training. With that help it will get easier to change and get started!

Freeletics Coach

The Freeletics Coach is a temporary training programme in an app that keeps you updated with brand new workouts weekly. You can adapt the programme individually and decide what you want to train.