What are proteins?

A basic element oft he human body ist he protein, which is built by amino acids. The connections of 21 different types of amino acids form a molecule that navigates biochemical processes of the organism. That means, the question “What are proteins” is not answered in one sentence.

Key of life

Amino acids basically are the combination of a key and the fitting lock. The fitting means in tzhis case, that the protein is working fluently. That can be defensive mechanisms, support of the locomotor system and the transport of essential substances within the human body.

What are proteins? For protection

Proteins are important for the safety and protection of your health. Proteins fight toxic substances and pathogens – from infections, wound infections to the management of blood clotting.

A protein does not have a noticeable feature as a deposit in your body. The dynamic mini molecules influence the body weight only indirectly by for example helping to transform endogenous substances. A popular example is the reserved energy that gets demanded when the feeling of hunger arises and operates as an “emergency supplier”.

What are proteins? For the locomotor system

The protein shapes the bigger part of every single human cell. The molecules structure the composition of the body. Skin, fascia and muscle building depend on proteins.

What are proteins? For the transport of substances

A protein is the basic element for cells that allow them to take up “food”. Substances that carry energy transform into a shape that is usable for the body. Other kinds of proteins help to process the incoming “material”. They also regulate the oxygen transport.

What are proteins? When they change

The combination of the 21 amino acids lead to very individual life cycles and effects of proteins. The structural proteins are quite rigid and mostly only changed with a genetic defect. The dynamic constructions of amino acids can mutate which mostly leads to beneficial adaptions. A good supply of protein is required.

Food as supplier of proteins

You might know that egg, fish and some kinds of meat are suitable for a sufficient supply of proteins for the human body. Dairy goods like cheese and yoghurt are also good for some extra supplies. Ideal for vegetable proteins are nuts and legumes. By combining different suppliers, the nourishment has intensive positive effects. A lack of proteins is dangerous to your health and is not a part of a balanced diet.