A better diet in the long run

Diets, sport and an overall nutrition change? What is the right combination for you? Is a diet unhealthy if it is just for a certain period of time? The right combination of a healthy diet and fitness is the key to success. The interaction of a training schedule and a nutrition plan is crucial and gets you quicker in the right direction.

Think ahead with a balanced diet

If you want to lose weight in the long run, you should not just think about some yo-yo diet. The rapid change of eating habits and a loss of vitamins and a balanced and healthy diet might let you lose some kilos but they will be there again very soon.

Fitness and diet

When being on a diet, the body will take up his “reserves” of fat that is stored. But just skipping meals and then eating even more later on is not that good for you and your energy level. The workout and yo-yo diets are not effective if the body lacks important “fuel” to get going. Better try to avoid this combination.

Be successful with good food and not with an exhausting diet

A short term or last minute diet is very one sided and only works because you skip meals and energy boosters. Try a change in the long run! The focus is on a healthy and balanced change of your personal nutrition plan rather than drastic changes that leave you hungry and worn out. One effective change is the arrangement of carbohydrates in the morning and proteins in the evening. Carbohydrates are broken down during the daytime and proteins are needed during the evening. If you keep that in mind your metabolism will adapt and the mixture of fitness, diet and some discipline will bring you near your goals.