Madbarz App – The personal trainer in your phone

The Madbarz App gives you a personal trainer on your smartphone and it accompanies you wherever you do your workouts. With the Madbarz programs you will also have a helping hand with your individual goals and that let‘s you use your full potential.

This is what the Madbarz App offers you

When you open the Madbarz App, you will be greeted by motivational sayings and you have access to your results and the free workouts. With filters you can easily find your perfect workouts. You can choose between the trainings and adjust the number of repeats. The app clearly shows you which parts of the body are claimed, how high the demand on cardio and muscles is and how many sets you need to repeat. You can also adjust the pauses.

The workout with the App

Choose the right workout for you, maybe adjust the number of workouts, breaks and reps and get going. The Madbarz App even reminds you to get your important warm up. Then the countdown starts and gives you some time to get you and the phone in position. Name, picture and reps are shown on the display all the time. When finishing the number of reps click DONE to get to the next workout. In the following short pause you can answer the questions how many repetitions you have done and how many seconds were needed. Then the countdown starts and you have time again to get in position. You can save successfully completed workouts but canceled workouts don`t need to be counted.

The advantages of the App

The smartphone app makes your results more precise and you can see your progresses more clearly. Your smartphone is within reach all through your training. If you want to adjust your number of reps or if you even want to set the bar a little higher than you initially thought, you can do it directly during the workout. Same is true if the pauses are too long – just skip them and get to the next round.

You have some favourite workouts? Then save them and get going even when you`re offline.

The Madbarz program in the App

It‘s nice to match your workouts to your personal needs, but without the corresponding knowledge it just may lead you in the wrong direction. If you don‘t want to be confronted with the whole world of fitness but rather get fit easy and quick, the Madbarz program plans will get you on track. The plans are like a personal trainer and are made-to-measure for you. The app will make them accessible anywhere anytime. You only need to count your reps.