Freeletics App – more than mobile

The app makes you mobile – train anytime and everywhere with your smart phone. Especially in the beginning of your transformation is the app really handy. It helps you train everywhere you are – in your living room, a park or the forest.

Made for your smart phone

The Freeletics smart phone app for Android and iOS supplies you with all the video tutorials, comments on exercises and alternatives. The alternatives are especially important if an exercise is too difficult for you.

Your advantages with the Freeletics app

Have your phone near you while working out: Your times get measured more precise. No more running to the computer and clicking „pause“.

Do you need some extra motivation? The Freeletics app compares your personal best time and shows you your preogress. Perfect for people who love a little competition.

Freeletics community

Beside instructions and guidance, you can be a part of the community. Follow friends and role models and get motivated or comment. Freeletics is a good solo training, but with the community you are not doing it on your own.

It is not only an app though – the Freeletics forum has 11000 fans and they help you to motivate you and you can exchange experiences and write diaries.

Freeletics smart phone and coach

The Freeletics coach offers you the biggest variety of exercises, individual workouts and dietary advices. Together with the app, the coach turns into a personal trainer, that will be there for you – not matter what time. The coach Cardio, Strength or Cardio-Strength lead to your personal goal by training you week by week depending on your progress. If you realize, that you want to change from the stamina training to muscle building then that is not a problem. You can change the flexible workout plan.

The app makes your workout mobile. The large variety of exercises and workouts is a big plus, also because the video tutorials are essential for the right performance. At least for beginners and the real „Free Athletes“.