Healthy diet: The key to wellbeing and fitness

A person eats about 50 tons of food in his life. That is a huge amount. Facing this quantity, it should not come as a surprise that what you eat is important to your health. The right diet helps you fight diseases and decrease risks of health disorders. If you also want to lose weight, you should take care of yourself and what you eat.
Because: A healthy diet is the key to wellbeing and being fit – for body, mind and soul.

A healthy diet is challenging

“You are what you eat” – this wise saying is quite true, as our diet has effects on our mental and physical health. It is a well known fact that what we eat is connected with several medical risks. A bad diet not only increases the risk of obesity, but also of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes type 2.
These complex effects are a reason to concern yourself with healthy food and nutrition.

A healthy diet should not be a closed book to you

A simple trick to know if a certain product is good for your diet, is to ask yourself if this product would exist without the food industry. If the answer is no, then you should rather avoid it. An example: Potato puree which is prepackaged is not possible without any chemical methods. This is a whole different thing if you use real potatoes with fresh milk and maybe some butter. Also keep in mind, that your food is better when it is seasonal – you normally wouldn`t find strawberries in winter in this region…

A healthy diet should do two things: To keep the healthy healthy and heal the sick. This is only possible, if you take care of you, your food and body.

Eat regularly and in peace

Beside a balanced diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables (organic farming is ideal), it is important to take your time when you eat. Skipping a meal only prones you to munchies. Munchies will not let you loose weight – it is rather the other way. It is advised to get a high fibre diet, because it keeps you full longer. Ideal would be certain times when you eat regularly. More of that and less sugar and carbohydrates – that makes a balanced diet become reality.

Lose weight through a healthy diet

A lot of people want to lose weight. Why? Because less weight mostly also means being more fit and have a better physique. With an unbalanced diet your body takes up far more energy as needed. That makes slimming down impossible. It is said, that in the old times we used to need 90 per cent of our energy intake.
Today it is rather 20 per cent. We are eating the same amount of food though. That makes a surplus, that comes down to the weight. That means: Only if we change the way we eat we can break this disparity.

Slimming down successfully has a lot to do with the right diet – so be open for what is good for you. As soon as the first positive results appaer, it motivates you to keep on right track and learn a lot more about what is good for you and your body.