Sophia Thiel – my personal 12 weeks program – week 12

Sophia Thiel

Hi, my dear ones, I have managed to complete the 12 weeks program – designed and managed by Sophia Thiel personally (more info here: Sophia Thiel). The 12 weeks passed like a whirlwind. This program completely blew my mind – absolutely amazing. If you follow my blog, you know that I have spent the weekend […]

Madbarz exercises for your chest

Madbarz Übungen für die Brust

Madbarz exercises for your chest We have been asked often, if there are Madbarz exercises to specifically train the chest. Today you get the matching informations. The chest muscles are claimed in some exercises as auxiliary muscle, but they are directly trainable by exercises, too. Essentially, the musculature consists of the small and the large […]

Warmup before your Madbarz Workout

Warmup Workout

Warmup before your Madbarz Workout Please, warmup before you start! Everyone who uses the Madbarz app, knows the hint before the workouts. You should take it seriously. Depending on settings, the workouts could be less time-consuming, but should never be done without a warmup session. Thereby you prepare your body for the upcoming physical stress […]

Sophia Thiel’s famous fitness program soon available in English

Sophia Thiel Erfahrungen

Shape up, lose weight, be happy with Sophia Thiel German fitness queen Sophia Thiel’s program had a huge impact on the German scene. Hundreds of thousands have followed her example and realized their dream figure. Sophia Thiel knows exactly what she is teaching: She lost 30 kg (about 66 lb) with her own program. Now […]