Sophia Thiel – my personal 12 weeks program – week 12

Sophia Thiel
Hi, my dear ones, I have managed to complete the 12 weeks program – designed and managed by Sophia Thiel personally (more info here: Sophia Thiel). The 12 weeks passed like a whirlwind. This program completely blew my mind – absolutely amazing. If you follow my blog, you know that I have spent the weekend at the Fibo in Cologne, the world´s biggest business platform for the fitness, wellness and health industry. Never before I have seen so many hard trained bodies, muscles everywhere (I don´t know if that was always worth the effort though…:p) However, for the first time ever I could buy a trouser in size ‘S’. Sohia Thiel Fibo I was super happy, because we, the ‘sweating beauties‘ – that’s what Sophia Thiel (more informations to the program) calls her clients – we finally had the chance to meet her face to face. Unfortunately, I had to wait for quite a while and then she had to leave for another appointment after ‘only’ one hours and thirty minutes…anyway, most of us were lucky enough to catch a selfie with our idol. Let’s see, maybe we can meet her another day. Her friend though caught a short interview with me on video: with a little luck you can watch me soon on Sophias Vlog on Youtube. I look forward to see myself on the screen. But now I don’t want to extend the suspense. 12991833_1314494771911575_1292466205_o

This is my result after 12 weeks with Sophia Thiel:

Weight: from 160 lb to 145 lb ( – 15 lb or 6,8 kg) Breast: from 96 cm to 86 cm ( – 10 cm) Hips: from 98 cm to 89 cm ( – 9 cm) Waist: from 76 cm to 67 cm ( – 9 cm) Sophia Thiel Vorher Nachher Foto I did not follow the program one hundred percent all the time and I maxed out all my cheat days. However – I think I did a great job, if I may say so myself. I will continue with the program. I did not go for the 12 months program although I considered it. I think I have learned enough now to be able to create the slim body with defined muscle tone that I always wanted. Today I can show you my before and after pictures. The bikini in the left shot has become a bit too wide to be shown in public now :). I hope, I could give you a little insight during these 12 weeks into the program that Sophia Thiel is offering. In case you think about buying it too: I can absolutely recommend it because I am thrilled with the results. The Facebook group provides constant motivation and I made a lot of great friends during these 12 weeks. One of the girls I even met during the weekend at the Fibo – Lynn, a really cool b…, you know what I mean!! People, let me tell you now: Nothing is impossible, even losing weight. When I can do it, all of you can do it too. You just need to believe in yourself and, of course, a little discipline doesn’t hurt. But believe me: If you do not eat chocolate or other sugary sweets for some time, you will not miss it any more so much. In fact, the opposite happens: After a break I enjoy these sins much more. I also manage now not to indulge too much in food and binge eating has become a thing of the past for me. Finally, I control my urges – it was about time too. !! All the best to you, my dear ones. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on Instagram. Wishing you all a lovely day! Kim Follow Kim on Instagram – you find her under the name kimfk Start your own weightloss program now with Sophia Thiel! Free info and free workout is here: Sophia Thiel fitness programm

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