Fitness program for women from Sophia Thiel – 3 phases, 3 components, 3 times more fitness?

Female six-pack abs – Sophia Thiel ( shows in an impressive way that defined muscles can be feminine and extremely attractive. Before you surrender to jealousy, better look at her training program, because this athletic role model is sharing all her secrets. Just joking – there are no secret ingredients at the fitness program for women. Nothing breathtakingly new either. However, the advantages of Sophia Thiel’s way to fitness convince every women dreaming about getting in shape.

What can you expect from the fitness program for women?

The fitness program for women consists of three components and three phases, stretching over a time frame of twelve weeks. According to your choice of admission packet you enjoy access for 24 weeks or 15 months. The program does not include a crash diet, which at best shows a short-term change before the Jojo effect sets in. Instead of rapid weight loss, Sophia Thiel’s fitness program is geared towards an encompassing and long-lasting improvement of your health and fitness..

The three components of the fitness program for women

Every change starts with motivation, that’s why Sophia Thiel especially focuses on this aspect of the program. Every week she supplies personally encouragement and motivation. If you need an extra kick you can actively participate in the FB-community. Here you will receive exclusive feedback from fellow trainees. And of course additional tips and recipes too.

By the way recipes: Nutrition is the second component of the fitness program for women. With 130 or respectively 360 recipes you don’t have to be afraid of boring menus. The requirements of vegetarians and vegans also are also met by Sophia Thiel’s suggestions for fit, delicious meals. Furthermore, Sophia Thiel provides in the form of books and videos decisive information about nutritional values of food and ingredients that slim you down while eating – without hunger pangs.

Remains the component that your inner couch potato has dreaded: training. Yes, unfortunately, even with the fitness program for woman you will not reach your dream figure without sweat. But there is good news – you only have to sweat during a serious workout three times a week for 20 minutes each. And even then you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. A yoga mat and a bit of time and space are completely sufficient. You are completely independent regarding your workouts because you don’t need any fitness machines for your bodyweight-workouts and you can receive the videos even on mobile devices. Eventually, you might feel like a bit of change like training with weights: Even in this case you can use the fitness program for women. Sophia Thiel’s step-by-step guides are also available with exercises for fitness studios.

The three-phase program for getting in shape with Sophia Thiel

The fitness program for women from Sophia Thiel offers not only three components but also three phases. During the twelve-weeks course they build one upon the other and allow your body to improve fitness and muscle tone step after step.

Phase 1: The kick-start

During the first four weeks you can expect visible changes while getting used to the basics of the fitness program for women. You will learn the foundations of training and nutrition and you will lose excess weight quickly while building up your muscle mass.

Phase 2: Reshape

Transformation is the focus during the following four weeks. While working out you will push yourself and the menu will change completely. At this point you will see convincing results in the mirror.

Phase 3: Feel Good

The fitness program for women will concentrate during the last phase on turning your slimmed body into a permanent success. The spotlight remains on losing fat and building up muscle thus streamlining your body. To avoid culinary boredom, the recipes will be changed again.

Is the fitness program for women right for you?

Easy and detailed instructions, short units and a structure that can be fitted into everyday life: All this makes the fitness program for women to the perfect stepping-stone into a fitter lifestyle. During the twelve-week program you will be constantly motivated by companionship that backs you up. If you need or want a break, you don’t need to worry. The access to instructions and videos for 24 weeks got you covered. Of course you can use this long-term access also to run through the program two times or to handle your transformation in a relaxed way. Sophia Thiel’s program has proven successful even for absolute beginners.

Additionally you enjoy complete freedom regarding your commitment and the length of your access. You can press on to a streamlined figure and a fitter version of yourself in only twelve weeks or you can sign up immediately for 15 months right of admission: The fitness program for woman is not a subscription that requires to terminate a contract. From the first moment you have complete control over your spending.

BUT: To ensure the success of the fitness program for women, you have to commit. This can be difficult during the first phase, the kick-start, especially if you have never been a sportive person or seriously worked out. However, the short and infrequent units make it easy to start. The efficient exercises will soon show effects and thus offer motivation. Beware though: There is no shortcut or magic wand for shaping up, not even with the fitness program for women.

Overview over your advantages with the fitness program for women

  • Specially geared towards women
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediates
  • No contract required, full control over spending, no cancellation necessary
  • During the twelve-week fitness program for women all instruction are available for 24 weeks, 130 recipes included
  • The 3+12 months packet offers 360 recipes, live-chats with Sophia Thiel and two high-quality resistance bands
  • Many recipes for vegetarians and vegans
  • Home-workouts doable without fitness machines, any time and any place
  • Studio-workouts as bonus included in the price
  • Fresh motivation, tips and tricks by Sophia Thiel every week
  • Exchange with fellow trainees in FB-community possible
  • Inspiration through the personal story of Sophia Thiel
  • Download instructions to any device: Smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Easy, convenient and safe methods of payment, among them PayPal, credit cards, online banking and advance payment

Who should not participate?

Beginner or advanced – the fitness program for women is suitable for both.
However, there are exceptions, for example, if you are pregnant or if you suffer from Diabetes. In these cases you should consult your doctor before starting the program. Speak with your medical expert also if your overweight is caused by sickness.


The fitness program for women is an affordable all-round training course for long lasting success. Because it combines slimming meals and exercise in a healthy way, you don’t need to fear the dreaded Jojo effect. However – you have to prepare yourself for sweat inducing, short workouts and maybe one or two tears. On the positive side: When you finish the program, these will be tears of joy, not tears about unwanted flab.