Madbarz exercises for your chest

Madbarz Übungen für die Brust

Madbarz exercises for your chest

We have been asked often, if there are Madbarz exercises to specifically train the chest. Today you get the matching informations. The chest muscles are claimed in some exercises as auxiliary muscle, but they are directly trainable by exercises, too. Essentially, the musculature consists of the small and the large pectoral muscle.

The small below the large, acts to move the scapula and as accessory respiratory muscles. The large chest muscle is divided into three sections and mainly supports movements with your arms, like push ups or pull ups. But a well-trained chest muscle doesn’t only have a visual appeal. There are important functions for progress in many Madbarz – and Calisthenics exercises, too. For women, a strong chest muscles makes a firm breast. The breast tissue is connected by straps with the large chest muscle. Bodyweight exercises are very effective and help you to strengthen and stabilize the chest. During push Ups for example, the distance of the hands from each other depends on whether the internal or external chest is trained. That means, the narrower the hand distance, the more internal parts of the muscle are claimed. The Madbarz App offers many different variants and you can increase the level by the height of your legs. So you can gradually build up the muscle and increase the load in stages also. There are exercises for both, the chest as target muscle and as auxiliary muscle, as well.

Madbarz exercises for the chest as target muscle

Madbarz exercises for the chest as auxiliary muscle

In addition to the individual exercises the Madbarz app offers you prepared workouts for your chest as target muscle. These include „ Here and Now“, „ Push Up Routine“, “Chest Routine”, “Push Dose”, “Shoulder Control” and „Dip and Push“. Remember to warm up conscientious before you start. So you can avoid injuries to your muscles. The Madbarz Muscle tracker in the app helps you to visualize, if the chest muscles is claimed, by the blue markings. So you can vary your training easily and avoid excessive or one-sided loading of your mucles. For the women among you it’s may interesting that you don’t need to fear of getting a man’s chest or a reduction of your breasts by training. Firstly you lack to testosterone and secondly you should feed yourself balanced and not without good fats. Focused full body training and proper nutrition guide you to your desired results. You’ll find matching recepts here on the site soon and for further questions just send us a request. So put on sports outfit and get started, because beach bodys are made in spring!

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