Warmup before your Madbarz Workout

Warmup Workout

Warmup before your Madbarz Workout

Please, warmup before you start!
Everyone who uses the Madbarz app, knows the hint before the workouts. You should take it seriously. Depending on settings, the workouts could be less time-consuming, but should never be done without a warmup session. Thereby you prepare your body for the upcoming physical stress and can avoid sprains, fiber tears or muscle pain. So your brain and your tendons, muscles and joints know what follows immediatly .This procedure is comparable with a car. Because driver know that you need to get your engine to temperature, before you claim the high speed ranges. A permanent cold start is poison for your engine.

It’s exactly the same principle with athletics. How long you should warm up depends on the time frame and the intensity of the exercises you would like to complete.
Furthermore, your age and the outside temperature . Older people need a longer warm-up period to get going and who exercises outdoors in autumn or winter, should allow extra time for its warm-up phase anyway. Which Madbarz exercises are suitable for warm up, have been presented in our training plans. To make it easier, use the Madbarz app to create your own short warmup workout and store it. Then you can be sure, you are always prepared well to start off in the HIIT load. Following Madbarz exercises are very suitable for warmup.

Madbarz exercises for warmup

If your body is warmed up, all the joints , especially the shoulders and arms should be moved and stretched . In Calisthenics like in other sports injuries can’t be excluded , but prevented. You’ll notice your deficits during the variations of pull ups and special exercises like Pikes , Handstand Wall Assisted Push Ups and pseudo push ups and your body should be prepared for the stress. Try to find the right dose for yourself to be warmed up well, but 10 to 15 minutes should be minimum. So you can be sure that you do not overload yourself and reach your personal best.

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