Freeletics transformations

You can`t imagine to gain muscles or lose weight only by bodyweight training? We show you that it is not a myth. We show you people that have already reached their goals. Check out the videos – they will convince you!  

Freeletics transformation Levent

Levent is xx years old and has always been overweight. Look at his transformation:

Freeletics transformation Arne

Arne is a „hardgainer“ and has a tough time building up muscles. Look at his transformation:

Freeletics transformation Elisa

Elisa is from Brazil and lives now in Germany. She is slim but wants to tighten up, because she feels uncomfortable in her skin. Look at her transformation:

Freeletics transformation Heiko

Heiko gained 20 kilos after an injury and lost his job. Look at his transformation:

  All of them believed in themselves despite it all and completed the 15 weekschallenge.
They all achieved so much. And YOU can do that too! Don`t wait any longer. Get your Freeletics Coach and make your dream come true!