Important proteins for athletic sports and losing weight

If you want to get deeper into the topic food and nutrition, you will see that proteins are not the most important but hard-hitting parts of a good diet. Carbohydrates are crucial for the energy supply and fats can be stored whereas proteins are stored mainly in functional body fluids and histoid as muscular mass. The depletion of endogenous protein starts quickly, in about a day, and also serves as energy supplier. That means it is important to supply your body with important proteins constantly if you want to lose weight or want to build muscles.

Which role do important proteins have when it comes to losing weight?

Fat contains double as much energy than the same amount of carbohydrates or protein. The body can also use the energy which is stored inside the fat, which is not true for the protein. Body fat is a crucial energy reserve. As a result you see that it is not a good idea to let your body hunger for a while. If you are missing out on energy the body will take reserves of the proteins, which is good for your muscles.
It will not use the body fat, which you actually want to lose. The organism will need several days of fasting to start using your body fat. Until then it has already taken arrangements, due to the low energy level, to slow down the metabolism and therefore slow down losing weight. You will lose important proteins but also your energy demand decreases. Summed up you could say, that skipping meals and starving will make it harder to lose fat in the long run.

Valuable sources of protein

  • canned tuna (in juice, not in fat)
  • lean beef
  • cottage cheese
  • low-fat curd
  • chicken meat
  • egg (mostly egg white)
  • pollack
  • wild salmon
  • legumes (soy beans are great)

Important proteins help losing weight and reducing fat

It is a good thing that proteins are important assistants when it comes to losing weight and reducing fat. The protein enclosed in food makes you feel full quicker than carbohydrates or fats do. If you for example feel a voracious appetite for fast food or sweets, then a high-protein snack can help you quickly. This is an important step to lose body fat. The success of this method is extremely efficient, especially if you increase your energy consumption by performing some endurance training sessions.

Important proteins for the muscle building

Proteins don`t get you muscles but still there will be no muscles without any proteins. How come? Protein delivers amino acids, which are taken by your body to build muscles. Important proteins are the modules for building up muscles. A house doesn`t get build just by unloading tons of bricks – same is true for the muscle building which is not possible without the protein. By training your body, it will start to build muscles and get your organism going. A lack of proteins can handicap muscle development but when taken too much proteins, it will not leave you bulky. Sadly, it is easier to lose muscles than body fat and it is easier to gain some fatty pads rather than building muscles.