Freeletics Coach – training on a new level

You know by now that you can abandon the fitness equipment and yourstudio membership. The focus is on bodyweight training and functionaltraining. Tips for a better diet come in handy and the training is efficient and target-orientated.

These are a lot of good rasons to get started to get fit. The goals can beraised, as well as the motivation and the personalized workout plans.Whatever you want to archieve – the Freeletics Coach helps you getting there. You only need to find out, which Coach is the right one for you.

What is the Freeletics Coach?

The Freeletics Coach is a very helpful tool to make the Freeletics trainingmore individual. You receive a weekly plan which is custom-made for yourneeds and goals. Have you been over-doing it last week or been injured? The weekly turn of the Freeletics Coach can adjust to you and your progress. The dynamic training grows with the demands and your tempo.

A crucial advantage

The continous adaption to your current level and your goal is not the only advantage of the Freeletics Coach. 700 variations of the workouts bring a lot of variety and motivation. Also, you can use the Freeletics Coach anytime and everywhere. No need to adhere to deadlines or meeting points. Your Coach is wherever you are. This is the most individual, effective and easy
way to do it.

The Freelectics Coach – mobile personalized training

You don`t want to be bound to your computer or laptop while working out? Then use your smartphone. The app is your constant companion. Is it hard to get motivated? Then get inspired by the goals in the community. You can also meet, because personal training doesn`t mean doing everything on your own.

Which Freeletics Coach?

In order to work together with your Coach on your goals, you have to choose the right one first. Your choices are: Cardio, Strength and Cardio-Strength. If you are new to Freeletics and to sports and workouts in general, then the following tips might come handy.

Which Freeletics Coach for more endurance?

Cardio = endurance. If you want to increase your endurance effectively you should use the Freeletics Trainer Cardio. You can improve your best time and soon you will be able to reach new distances without even being out of breath! You see, it will not get boring while getting better. Additionally you can look forward to tightened muscles and a lot more energy.

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Which Coach for strength training?

Your dream is to have nicely toned and growing muscles? Well, then the Freeletics Strength Coach is the right one for you. It is a full body workout that helps you to build up a lot of muscle mass easy and healthy. The Coach is ideal for everyone who does not gain weight easily.

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Which Coach for burning fat?

The Cardio-Strength Coach helps you burn fat and build up muscles. If that is your goal then you will have a balanced training and a toned appearance.

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