Bodyweight Workout Routine with Madbarz

You want to change? Lose weight or build up muscles? Get rid of the fat or improve your performance? Then start today and train with your own body weight and start in a new life!

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Like mentioned before, we have developed some training schedules for your individual fitness program. Our six-week-programs include three levels of difficulty. Cardio, strength or a combination of these both: We have a plan for every level for you.

You will find all the workouts routines in the Madbarz app and furthermore save our own created workouts in the „create“ mode.

Compare your results every week and see your goals get in sight. Rise to your challenges and improve your best-time!

With only four days of training per week and a simple time exposure with up to one hour of training, the program takes no more than a visit to the gym.

All you need is a little free space around you – inside your apartment or in the next park.

To unlimit saved workout = Madbarz Platinum Pack.

Start the change today with this effective workout plan! It will be worth it!

Cardio Trainingsplan beginner

Cardio - Beginner

Cardio & Strength Trainingsplan beginner

C&S - Beginner

Strength Trainingsplan beginner

Strength - Beginner

Cardio Trainingsplan advanced

Cardio - Advanced

Cardio & Strength Trainingsplan advanced

C&S Advanced

Strength Trainingsplan advanced

Strength Advanced

Cardio Trainingsplan expert

Cardio - Expert

Cardio & Strength Trainingsplan expert

C&S - Expert

Strength Trainingsplan expert

Strength - Expert