Sophia Thiel’s 12 week fitness program in English

Sophia Thiel Erfahrungen

Out now!

The Sophia Thiel program is now available in English. The waiting is over and you can finally start your transformation. The 12-week program for women offers you a selected sport and nutrition plan to begin the way to your dream figure.

The famous and successful program has helped many women to lose some pounds, feel leaner and fitter. Sophia Thiel itself has also gone this rocky road and has lost 30 kg (about 66lb) in 2 years. Her transformation is a convincing example of how it works and it will help you to achieve this too. The online program offers you workout plans for the gym or at home with your own body weight.

With only 20 minutes 3 times a week everyone has the opportunity to achieve his goal. There are motivation and explanation videos for each workout, and if you train at home you don’t need any extra equipment. The diet plans focus on high protein nutrition and include both, vegetarian and vegan recipes. Have you become curious and do you want to change your life? Then start with the training today.

The community with thousands of other participants will help you to stay motivated and will share their experiences with you. You don’t have to be an athlete because the program is absolutely suitable for beginners.

All important informations about Sophia’s 12 weeks system are available here on our page. Start to get in shape, loose some weight and be happy like Sophia and thousands of other women!

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