What is Freeletics?

Ever heard of Freeletics?This fitness trend really shakes up the whole world of fitness studios. You don`t need these high-tech sport equipments because you only train with your own body weight. No fancy gadgets. That means that you can literally complete your training everywhere. Here you see how this training program works.

Freeletics: free sport for free spirits

Freeletics is a combined word from „free“ and „athletics“. The name says it all. It goes back to the basics of fitness: strengthen your body with simple exercises. These exercises get summed up as the workout names also remind us of the beginnings of sporting activity. Names like „Ares“ „Aphrodite“ or „Artemis“ originate from ancient Greece, where this kind of fitness was practiced by men and women of all ages.

Freeletics – at any time

So this tells you that this kind of training is historic and expert-proved. At the same time it approves to the aspects of modern society. You can train
anywhere and anytime without being dependent on equipment. You can train indoors and outdoors – wherever you want to be. Start your training when you want to.

A joy for Freeletics is a joy doubled!

All you need for your freeletics training is an app that shows and explains the exercises and their order. The basic version of the app is free. A onetime payment arises for extensions like the weekly schedule and additional dietary advices. Furthermore you get the opportunity to get in contact with other Freeletics fans and followers through discussion boards and communities that discuss everything about Freeletics. You can share your experiences with exercises or ask questions. Many fans of this new trend share their progress via photo and video – this was a wish from the founder of Freeletics. So join and share this motivated community!

Too much is not healthy

If you are already asking yourself when you should have time for the community while training regularly: the program considers rest days. This aspect is also a historic one which implies that workout and recreation go hand in hand. This should be something to keep in mind for your daily routine, not only for your Freeletics training. Listen to your body and keep up your training on your regular basis – this leads to success.