Madbarz exercises for the shoulders

Madbarz Übungen für die Schulter

Madbarz exercises for the shoulders

Today we give you a few informations about Madbarz exercises which work directly for your shoulders or claim as auxiliary muscle. The shoulder muscle has several functions and you should not ignore them. On the one hand, a well-trained shoulder ensures a healthy and straight posture. On the other hand , it stabilizes your shoulder joints and keeps you mobile. In Calisthenics there are exercises and figures that always claim your shoulders.

Especially in handstand exercises and pike variations, you have to carry much bodyweight on your shoulders. Therefore it’s important to build up the muscles step by step and raise the burden in stages. You can find shoulder exercise for both, as target and auxiliary muscle as well.

Madbarz exercises with shoulders as target muscle

Madbarz exercises with shoulders as auxiliary muscle

In addition to the individual exercises, the Madbarz app offers you prepared workouts to train your shoulders as target muscle, too . These include „Iron Shoulders“, „Shoulder Control“ and „Trapezius Routine“. As mentioned in the last post, it’s important to warm up your shoulders and joints previously (more about here: Warmup before your Madbarz Workout). So you can avoid injury to your muscles and joints. The App includes the Madbarz Muscle tracker to show you by the blue markings which muscles are used in the workouts. So you can vary your training easily and avoid excessive or one-sided loading. Start to change now and you’ll get results with our support!

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