Here we go!

Here we go!

Here we go!
After several months of hard work we have finally managed to put an english version of online.
On our website, we want to bring you closer to train efficiently with your own bodyweight.
There are different types of programs which focus on pure bodyweight training. The best and most interesting programs are described in detail here for you.

With Freeletics and Madbarz we introduce to you, two extraordinary programs which can be completed with your smartphone easily. The website offers you all workout videos and explanations of the various Madbarz exercises, which can’t be found inside the app. Furthermore we created workout plans for your wishes. It doesn’t matter, if you want to loose weight, build up muscles or improve your condition. There 9 different Madbarz workout plans for everyone. (for free and downloadable as PDF)

You’ll find the most important informations about many programs and apps. All Freeletics workouts and exercises explanations, all about Madbarz and other All in one programs like Sophia Thiel or Hollywood Fit. These are combined versions of workout plans and nutrition guides.
Our nutrition Guide offers you a lot of informations about healthy food and which one you need to reach your goals. To combine healthy ingredients to a delicious meal, we will present you nice fitness recipes soon.
The blog part will bring you closer to experience reports, successful user transformations and special informations about training methods and nutrition hints.
We are always working on the development of bodyweight workout and want to offer something special to all fitness fans out there.

We hope you enjoy our website and we would be very happy, if you leave us a comment or follow us on facebook.

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